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Get a DBS Check as part of joining the Paid Carer Register

A DBS (formerly known as CRB) check searches a person's details against criminal records and other sources, including the Police National Computer and local police intelligence. The check may reveal convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings. We believe that anyone who is providing care should be enhanced DBS checked prior to providing care for someone.  However only people who are carrying out/or plan to carry out certain roles can be DBS checked, and only certain people are allowed to carry out those checks.  See our guidance on this.

You’re the Boss’s Register of Paid Carer is a list of paid carers who have met a set of specific criteria, one of which includes having had an enhanced DBS check*.  As part of registration to the Paid Carer Register we are permitted to carry out the DBS check on you. 

Currently this costs just 79.99 (inc VAT) and includes the cost of an 

Enhanced DBS with baring list check  

The Process

If you would like to go onto the YtB Paid Carer Register, including enhanced DBS check being undertaken, then please complete the Paid Carer Registration Application. We will then invoice you and send you the information we require to undertake your registration,

This will include details on how and when to:

1.    Make a payment via the website - this uses PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account for it to go through 

2.    Log onto a web portal to complete the full DBS declaration**

3.    Use the Post Office Document Certification Scheme to send us verified copies of your documents so we can verify your details and we submit your application to DBS

4.    Confirm that you meet our other requirements for the Paid Carer Register

5.    Once your DBS check comes back and you have demonstrated you meet the YtB requirements for the register, you put your marketing information into our database which then goes up onto the You’re the Boss Paid Carers Register

When you have received your Disclosure you can register directly with the DBS Update Service so you won't need to have another DBS check in the future, you will be required to renew your status on the YtB Paid Carers Register every two years and this may incur an additional cost as we will need to verify your DBS through the update service. 


Once we have received your original documents it should take around two weeks for your DBS check to be carried out and the certificate will be sent directly to you.  Sometimes there can be delays, generally we have found these to be as follows

  • if you are applying for a check that involves working with children or vulnerable adults at your home address then checks can take significantly longer.
  • Part of the enhanced check is a check with the local police, this could be where you currently live and/or based on a previous address.  Some Police forces take significantly longer than others.  Currently we are aware that the Metropolitan Police and Police Forces in Northamptonshire and Dorset are experiencing significant delays.

If you have any questions about the process, then please contact us and we'll get back to you asap.  

* You’re the Boss will maintain an online register of those who have had a DBS check carried out by us this will be operated in accordance with our Safeguarding Policy and Data Protection Policy

** Please note that you are responsible for supplying the information we need to process the DBS check. In purchasing this service you acknowledge that any errors within the personal details that you supply may produce an inaccurate disclosure certificate and therefore require another application to be submitted.  If errors are found after submission to DBS the disclosure will still be charged at the full cost.  You acknowledge that You're the Boss cannot be held responsible for the decisions that DBS make in terms of your disclosure.  

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