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The Self-Employed Paid Carer Bundle (excludes GDPR docs)

Categories: paid carer

This bundle contains many of the products we have produced to help Self-Employed Paid Carers in their work at a discounted rate.

The products included here will help you market your business, track contracts and invoices and operate a safe and professional service that benefits your clients and you.

Products included are;

Self-employed carers contract

Template leaflet – Marketing your care business

Risk Assessment form and guidance

Safe Guarding Guidance

Bundle: Support Planning Booklet, template form and case study

Bundle: Making your care business pay and budget template

Booklet: Record keeping for paid carers

Timesheet and invoicing tool

Care needs helper

Template leaflet – changing or complaining about the service

Client Personal Information Form 

Some of the information documents are PDFs,  all the editable documents are written in Microsoft Word or Excel.  

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