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Local initiative helps to keep older people independent

Posted on 06/09/2012

The Charity of Rotherfield St Martin shows how community spirit and volunteering can enable people to remain independent in their own homes according to an article in the Guardian by Olga Craig.  

Jo Evans set up the East Sussex charity which now supports more than 300 members with 140 volunteers.   They provide drivers, handymen, dog walkers and a variety of different classes to help older people stay in their own homes.  As well as providing the traditional support the isolation element is tackled too with volunteer dogwalkers supporting owners to walk their own dog, rather than the owner staying home alone whilst someone else walks the dog.  Volunteers also help people to access luncheon or other clubs.  

Now obviously this doesn't replace the need for council funded support to those who need it, but it does show how a combination of approaches can be used to enable people to remain independent.  

See our Keeping your independence pages for other ideas to get the support you or someone you care for needs.  

If you know of other examples of organisations helping people to remain independent then please let us know.

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