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Introducing Mediclipz: a new ID device for elderly patients

Posted on 19/06/2013

A carer from Westbury in Wiltshire has devised a new ID device designed for elderly patients, which can be easily clipped onto a mobility device, such as a walking stick or zimmer frame. 

The simple solution includes a label with essential information, such as name, address and medical needs, inside a waterproof and hard-wearing clip. The ID is perfect for patients with memory-loss illnesses, such as dementia and Alzheimer's to ensure that their information is immediately accessible to emergency services, for example. 

The device has been designed by Adeline Dalley, Senior Carer for Gracewell Healthcare, who invented it to replace the current care home system of using tape labels on mobility devices, which can deteriorate and cause confusion. She explains her idea in more detail: 

"I came up with the idea after [working] in care for 16 years, and being fed-up with paper names falling off and looking so scruffy. A daughter of a resident explained how her dad with dementia used to always wander and be picked up by police away from home. She used to put her card in his jacket pocket with her contact details and his condition. However, each time he emptied his jacket pocket completely and left [the card] on the table, and went out the door. He was always found with his Zimmer frame."

The ID labels come in a choice of white, or yellow, the latter colour being aimed at dementia patients as this is often the last colour that they can recognise. It is also possible for users to submit their own pictures and design for the label, as Dalley explains: "CQC want care homes to show how they are promoting independence and choice; as residents can choose and send us what pictures/design they want, this may help."

Mediclipz are available from, for £9, with £1 of every one sold being donated to Alzheimer's Support Trowbridge. 

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