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Cuts in the care sector affect quality of life for elderly

Posted on 24/06/2013

Elderly people are more isolated and have a reduced quality of life, according to a new survey conducted by Age UK and The College Of Social Work. This has been put down to spending cuts, which reduces the care services available and puts more pressure on family members to help look after elderly relatives.

The survey, which polled over 300 adult social care workers, found that the majority of respondents reported seeing a negative impact on the lives of older people due to social care cuts. They also claimed that elderly people who would have qualified for care three years ago were now not eligible, and those who do get help get less than they used to despite their needs not having changed.  

A particularly worrying result from the survey showed that some social workers felt under pressure to lower the numbers of people needing care when carrying out assessments based on the Fair Access to Care Services criteria. On the other hand, around a quarter of respondents did say that they “exaggerated” older people’s needs to help them qualify for support from their local authorities.

Another outcome of the survey showed that respondents felt that pay rates for home care and care homes was too low to provide good quality care.

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