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Creative pursuits: Computing

Posted on 17/10/2013

Technology just never stops developing and there are a huge range of websites and apps tailored for and dedicated to older people. However, it’s all very well the content being there, but not everyone is comfortable with computers to access the information.

If you are new to computing, then there are plenty of local classes where you can learn the basics, such as browsing the internet. You can then use things like Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest happenings in your family’s lives or join communities of like-minded individuals.

Computers are also good for helping you to learn new skills. For example, you might be interested in photography and want to learn about photo editing, or turning your photos into digital scrapbooks. You might want to take an online course in anything from learning a new language to creative writing.

You can usually get access to the internet through computers in libraries and day centres, so you don’t have to own one at home to get the benefits.

The benefits

Building your skillset and learning new things helps to keep the mind developing and active, helping it to stay healthy for longer.

Having access to the internet can also help you to stay in touch with people, which can help to combat loneliness and helps you to meet new people with similar interests.

Top 5 reasons to use the internet

1. Keep in touch with family

The internet provides so many new communication methods, not least through social media. Being part of Facebook means that you can see photos of family members and read about their latest news at any time. With Skype, and other video-calling services, it’s easy to phone your family for free or a low cost, and see them at the same time. A video call doesn’t require a complex setup, and it is easy to get the hang of.

2. Do your shopping

If it’s not easy or convenient to get to a supermarket, you can use online shopping to pick the items that you need and have them delivered directly to your, which can save you time and effort.

3. Learn new skills

There are unlimited options to learn new skills using your computer. There is everything from language to cooking lessons available online, and you don’t have to leave your house to partake.

4. Meet new people

The internet gives you the chance to talk to like-minded people from around the world by joining in on forums dedicated to topics that you are interested in. Sometimes it can be good to talk to someone who understands you, even if they are not in the same room.

5. Manage your money

With things like online banking, and the ability to apply for benefits and payments online, you can keep track of every penny at any time of day. Also, by buying the things that you need online, you can often make savings against the price of the same item in a shop.


Age UK computer training

Age UK runs a range of courses around the country that teach the basic computer skills.  It also has online resources such as an A-Z of computing, advice on setting up an email account, information on using Skype and how to use social media websites. There is also a range of downloadable resources and links to other useful websites.

Simplicity ENVELOPE

Simplicity ENVELOPE replaces the home screen on your existing Windows computer and offers a simple screen that gives direct access to key tasks, such as checking email, looking at your photos or browsing the internet. It strips out the usual icons, toolbars and menus, so that it is easy to find what you are looking for.

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