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When elderly parents need more care and support

Posted on 30/12/2013

Christmas is a time for getting together, and often we spend more time with family than we might usually. By spending more time with elderly relatives, you might start to notice illness, periods of confusion or other signs that they are struggling with some day-to-day tasks more than before. This is easy to miss when you see people less often.

Research shows that there is an upturn in the number of elderly people put into care homes after the festive season, which is in part due to this extra time spent together, making people more aware of an older family member’s care and support needs. Figures from show a 40% increase in the number of people looking for residential care in January.

If you are in this position of looking for care and support for elderly parents, then make sure that you know all of your options. Residential care can be the right solution in some cases, but if your parents would rather stay in their own home and as independent as possible, then you could look into things like community services, paid carers to come into their home and help, or adapting their home to make daily tasks easier.

On the You’re the Boss website, you can find all this information in one place. We recommend that you start out by filling in our online Care Needs Helper, which helps you to identify the exact problem areas and where help is needed. You can also check if your parents are likely to be eligible for funding from the local authority, and find out which local authority you need to speak to.

Next you can start to research your care and support options, to help find your parents the exact care and support that they need. You can also help them to stay as independent as possible, by managing their health and fitness, among other things, which will help them to be able to stay at home.

If you do decide that residential care is the right option, then make sure that you are aware of the different types available. It doesn’t always have to be a nursing home; moving into supported housing, for example, can give you the peace of mind that your parents are well looked after, yet they still get to have their own space to live in.

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