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Getting a DBS check as a self-employed paid carer

Posted on 20/03/2016

When deciding to work as a self-employed paid carer, there are certain steps that you should take to set up your business. This includes things like making sure you are insured, that you have policies and procedures in place, that you are registered with HMRC and that you know how to market your services to attract clients.

One important step that you should definitely undertake is to get a DBS check done. Formerly known as a CRB check, this checks your details against criminal records and other details. It may reveal convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings.

Many clients will want to see a DBS check before they decide to contract with you, and it is useful for you as a self-employed paid carer to have one in place before you start working for yourself. It helps to give your clients peace of mind, especially as you will be working in their homes.

It is not possible to apply for a DBS check on yourself. An employer can apply for one for a person that they are considering taking on, which means that if you had a client who wanted to employ you, they would do the check. This isn’t an option if you are self-employed though, as you will not have an employer.

However, there is a way. There are companies that can act as a third party and apply for the DBS check on your behalf, essentially fulfilling the role that traditionally an employer would have. You’re the Boss offers this service to self-employed paid carers; we can undertake the DBS check for you and the certificate will be sent to you to show your prospective clients.

You will need to provide certain personal details to get a DBS check done. You will also be required to provide original documentation to prove your identity. The whole process can take up to two weeks (with some exceptions, depending on circumstances) from when the original documents are received. It is important to factor this into your business plan when you are setting up your new venture.

Find out more about our DBS service and apply for a check here:

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