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How you can give the best service as a paid carer

Posted on 10/11/2016

When you are working as a self-employed paid carer, it is up to you to deliver the very best service that you can to your clients. A lot of your work will rely on word of mouth and good references; service users looking for a carer will want to know that you are reliable, efficient and professional, and the best way to do that is to speak to your previous or existing clients or their families.

A lot of this will come down to your training and experience of the job role. It pays to keep on top of this, as additional training can help you to give an even better service or train you in new areas of care.

However, when you are running your own care business, good service also comes down to being organised and having the right policies and procedures in place. It is about pre-empting possible situations and requirements, having a procedure in place that you can follow and that your client is aware of, so that know how to act and can react quickly.

For example, a thorough risk assessment of your place of work helps to keep both you and your client safe from harm. Identifying possible hazards and ensuring that you have a plan to manage these, means that you know exactly what to do in any situation. Make sure you keep a first-aid kit, any medication, important phone numbers and so on close to hand for emergency situations. Similarly, you should keep thorough records, so that you can ensure that you are aware of your client’s needs, changes in their circumstances and any particular things you need to do for individuals. This is essential if you have multiple clients and want to be able to deliver a personalised service.

Having a contract in place is a good way to ensure that you are providing the service that is expected of you. Your contract should lay out exactly what you are going to be doing for your client and when. This gives your client realistic expectations, and it is up to you to meet the terms of the contract and give good service.

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, your client may have a grievance or complaint about your work or the services that they are receiving. This can be awkward for them to bring up, but it is better for both of you that any issues are resolved. You can make this easier by providing a leaflet at the start of your contract outlining your procedure for complaints or requesting a change in the services that you provide. Having this in a simple format means that hopefully issues can be addressed long before they become a problem.  

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