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Personal Health Budgets research: your views on being a Paid Carer, or getting care

Posted on 28/11/2016

When someone needs ongoing medical care and support, as a result of long-term illness or disability, or after experiencing a traumatic event, such as a stroke, they may not be aware of the choices they have over the care they receive. Often, the ongoing health care is chosen and supplied by traditional NHS services available in the local area.

However, individuals receiving help could choose to get a Personal Health Budget instead, which means they can spend the money that would have gone on these traditional NHS services in a different way. By working with a health professional, it’s possible to discuss and agree upon services that will help the individual to be healthier or more able to cope with their health problems.

By opening up Personal Health Budgets to more people, this leads the way for a more personalised service in the way that medical care is received, putting the power of choice firmly in the laps of those who need the help. They are similar to Personal Budgets already being offered for social care services, although there are differences in the way that they are allocated and applied.

Find out more: What are Personal Health Budgets?

One way in which Personal Health Budgets could be used is by employing a Paid Carer (sometimes known as a Personal Assistant) to help an individual with their medical needs, rather than using staff supplied by the NHS or other relevant services. Hiring or contracting with a Paid Carer means that the individual has control over who will be looking after them, what tasks they will be undertaking and when they will be available to help.

A Paid Carer could help with medical tasks, or they may help work with the individual in other areas that will help them to feel better and manage their health condition, eg accompany them on trips, cooking with them, helping them find equipment and so on. For Paid Carers currently working in the social care field, this presents an opportunity to provide different services to those eligible for a Personal Health Budget.

Here at You’re the Boss we’re doing some detailed research on Personal Health Budgets and how they could be applied. As part of this, we would love to hear from you, whether you are an individual who currently receives ongoing medical care or a Paid Carer, either employed or self-employed.

We have put together two short surveys – one for care users and one for Paid Carers – to help us find out what you think about Personal Health Budgets. We’d appreciate your time answering just a few quick questions and in return, all completed surveys will be entered into a prize draw. For Paid Carers, there’s the chance to win The Complete Self-Employed Paid Carer Bundle worth £49.99, and for care users there’s the chance to win a £20 gift voucher. 

If you are a person receiving ongoing medical care, please complete the following survey:

Personal Health Budgets – Care Users

If you are a Paid Carer, please complete the following survey: 

Personal Health Budgets – Paid Carers

Note, the surveys closes at midnight on 18th December 2016.

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