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NEWS: Government publishes new report on improving the quality of adult social care

Posted on 20/07/2017

The Department of Health and the Care Quality Commission have released a new report as part of the government’s drive to improve the quality of adult social care, and to integrate health and social care services more effectively.

The Quality Matters initiative is co-led by partners from the adult social care sector, and looks at the current priorities in achieving “high-quality, person-centred adult social care”. The aim of the report is to highlight what high-quality care should be and what the general public have the right to expect from social care services in their area. It is also designed to help staff working within the sector to understand the expectations of the care that they provide, and for care providers to be able to develop their services to commit to this expected high quality of care.   

While this report does not entail any change in statutory guidance or regulations, it brings together all current priorities and agreed principles under one roof and forms a valuable insight into the changes that are needed to achieve a high level of care for all adults who require it. Of course, actions hold more weight than words and it’s important that the information in this document is put to good use by care providers and their staff, as well as social care bodies and local councils, to provide joined-up, personalised care services.

Alongside the Quality Matters report, there is a detailed action plan that looks at the priorities for achieving the project’s aims as well as highlighting the key agencies, bodies, services and departments that are key in delivering each point. 

These action points include responding to and acting upon feedback from service users, as well as being open and honest about services, especially if something doesn’t go to plan. It also looks at guidelines around commissioning services, and how to implement best practice to ensure that services are delivered at a high standard. The report also looks at improving communication and collaboration across services, and championing the importance of adult social care and the difference that good social care can make to people’s lives, in order to raise the profile of the sector and attract more people to the industry. 

This is an important report for both service users and care workers, and one that is worth reading. We believe that personalised care is key in improving adult social care services. Service users need to be aware of what kind of care is available to them, and what kind of standards they should be able to expect. Paid carers also need to be trained in how they can deliver good service, whether working for a large provider or as a self-employed sole trader.

Read the full report on the government website by following these links:

Standard version

Easy read version

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