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10 reasons to become a paid carer in 2018

Posted on 22/12/2017

There are plenty of care and support roles available in the UK right now. With a growing population and an increasing life expectancy, there are more adults and children living with disability, and older people with age-related conditions, than ever before. We need good carers to help meet the demand.

Whether you are considering taking a caring role with a local provider, through an agency, setting up your own care business, working on a self-employed basis or being employed by an individual service user, we look at the top 10 reasons why a career in care could be the right move for you.

It’s a rewarding role

The work that you do will make a real difference to people’s lives. You are there to help and support people with tasks they find difficult and help them live as independent a life as possible. You are helping to give value to a person’s life, and you can see the rewards of your hard work by enabling people to live their life as fully as they are able.

You meet a wide variety of people

If you like meeting people and hearing stories, then this is a great role. You will meet people from all walks of life and with many different experiences. This can be eye-opening and heart-warming. You will also meet some caring and kind people within the care industry itself if you chose to work as part of a team.  

You can offer more than just care

Your main role might be to look after a person’s care and support needs, but you are often giving them so much more. Companionship is so important, particularly for older people who may live alone, and your kindness and friendship could be a real bright spark in an otherwise routine day.

There are good career prospects

No matter at what level you enter the care industry, there is a lot of scope to progress. Good carers can opt to move in many different directions, whether into more senior caring roles, into larger care providers or into management.

You can work flexibly

With many care jobs, there is a degree of flexibility that enables you to take on a care job that fits in with your life, which is handy if you have family. You may only want a few hours a week, or more regular work, but there is plenty of variety available.

There is job security

It’s an industry where more workers are needed and the demand for carers is only going to continue to rise. This means that if you decide this is the job for you, you will have good long-term prospects and job security.

You can train and expand your knowledge

There are plenty of care-based qualifications you can take at all levels and you can train in specialist areas. You can start with a basic care qualification and choose what further training you wish to do, helping to forge your own career path.

You could run your own business

You may decide to set up as a self-employed carer or start your own care business to fill a gap in your local area. With personalisation and more people receiving personal budgets to take on their own care services, it’s a good, stable business area for a start-up.

You can work locally

Most care jobs are close to home as there is a nationwide demand for carers. You shouldn’t have to travel too far to see your client, which saves long commutes. You may have to travel between clients, but they are usually within a certain locality.

You can start at any age

Becoming a carer is a great job for those just leaving school or graduating from a relevant degree, but it is equally a good option for people returning to work after being at home with children, for example, or workers who want a career change into something different. Compassion and kindness counts for a lot, as does a willingness to learn on the job.

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