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Recognising the work of paid carers

Posted on 09/05/2018

We all know carers can make a big difference to our lives if we need care and support. Whether it’s paid carers that we employ ourselves; care workers who work for a provider or in a residential setting; or unpaid family carers who give up their own time to help relatives in need, they all play a huge role.

Care workers are key in helping people in need to live independent lives. A good carer will work with you to help you achieve your goals and empower you to continue hobbies, socialise and enjoy life. For many elderly or disabled people who require additional help day to day, their carer is the person in their lives who makes the biggest difference.

However, being a carer can often be a difficult and tiring job. Care workers are often juggling their own lives and families, while delivering compassionate care to others. It takes a certain strength of character to enter this rewarding but often exhausting industry. It can be emotionally draining, as well as physically tough, but we all know that the social care system couldn’t survive without their hard work.

If you’ve received exceptionally good care from your own carer, it’s only natural to want to recognise their hard work. Now there is a new scheme that has been set up especially for you to nominate a carer who deserves some recognition. This is the idea behind the Thank a Carer initiative.

Thank a Carer was set up as a way of rewarding the great work of carers in the UK. It runs regular competitions where you can put forward a carer for their exceptional service and the excellent care they deliver. Thank a Carer is based on the simple ethos of recognising the hard work that carers put in everyday to help look after people in need.

It’s very easy to get involved. If you want to nominate a carer there is a nomination form on the website. Here you will be asked for your name and contact details, the name of the carer you are nominating and a brief overview of why you think they deserve the award.

On a regular basis, one carer from all of those nominated is selected as someone who deserves to be rewarded. There are many reasons why a carer might be chosen, but you can take a look on the Thank a Carer Facebook Page to see some of the great stories of previous winners. You can also see a list of previous winners on the website.

Each carer who is recognised also wins a prize. The prize changes each time, but usually consists of a shopping voucher and a special #1 Carer mug. The awards are sponsored by Surewise and SAGIC.

We think that good care matters and it should be recognised. This initiative is a great way for you to give individual paid carers and support workers a public thank you.

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