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Type of client

There are effectively two types of client: 

  • Those who pay for their own care and support
  • Those who have the majority or all of their care and support funded by the Local Authority

The above factors should make little difference to the quality of your service, but may require you to take slightly different approaches and keep slightly different records.


With the advancement of personalisation, the differences between those who pay for the own care and those who are local authority funded should blur even further. If a client has a Personal Budget and chooses to take it as a direct payment, then they will be the ones shopping around for the services they need. Ultimately, you really wouldn't know whether they were paying for it out of their own money or money that had come from the Local Authority.

The current reality is that you are likely to know which of your clients are self payers and which are Local Authority funded. Local Authorities have a duty of care towards their clients and this currently means that they often need lots of information about who's providing any care and/or support, and how it is being delivered.  

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This shouldn't be a problem for any good providers of care and/or support as they will have all the necessary policies and procedures, forms and records in place as a matter of good practice.

Payment by Local Authority

  • In many cases the Local Authority pay for the service on behalf of the service user, in which case you will need to be aware of any payment terms that they may have
  • Some Local Authorities, such as Oxfordshire, are using a payment card - this is a prepaid card (such as Visa) which comes pre-loaded with the individual's Personal Budget for a specific period (ie money is loaded up every four weeks)
  • Many Local Authorities pay the Direct Payment of the Personal Budget into a specific bank account that the service user has set up. Service users then pay their paid carers or providers directly

Payment by self-payers

  • You invoice and they pay, by whatever method you and they agree upon
  • In some cases, self-payers choose to purchase their services through the Local Authority, even though they are paying for it themselves. In these instances the Payment by Local Authority section applies
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