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CRB (DBS) Checking

Why check criminal records?

Most people have heard the term 'CRB' which stand for Criminal Records Bureau.  At the end of 2012, the Criminal Records Bureau became the Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) and CRB checks are now called DBS checks. 

A DBS check searches a persons details against criminal records and other sources, including the Police National Computer.  The check may reveal convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings.   

These are things that you really would want to know about before beginning to work with someone, and will help you to make the right employment decisions.

Should I CRB check?

If you are considering employing somebody to provide you with …

  • Personal Care
  • Assistance with cash, bills and/or shopping
  • Assistance in the conduct of your personal affairs
  • Transportation to and from places

…then You’re the Boss recommends that in all cases you ask the potential new employee to apply for a DBS check.  This may feel difficult if the person is a friend or relative, but you should insist and you can always say that You’re the Boss says you have to!

Ensure that any recruitment adverts placed make reference to your requirement for a DBS (CRB) check as this will stop it from being a surprise to anyone.

What if they refuse

If your new employee refuses to have a criminal record check carried out then you will need to make a decision as to whether you are happy to take the job application any further.  You’re the Boss would advise against employing someone who refuses to have a DBS (CRB) check.

How to do it

Only organisations registered with the Disclosure and Barring Service can submit applications for criminal record checks.  You will need to use an umbrella body to process applications on your behalf.

 Types of criminal record check & the cost

There are two types of criminal record checks:

  • Standard CRB check 
  • Enhanced CRB check

Details on how to contact the Disclosure and Barring Service

DBS customer services: 0870 909 0811

Minicom: 0870 909 0344 

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