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The interactive wizard for care is here to help define care needs as well as checking eligibility against Local Authority criteria.

Whether you are paying for care yourself, or hoping to get financial support from the council these tools will help to clarify what the care needs are so that you can make a plan to meet these needs.  If you would rather complete a paper version so you can make lots of notes, please download it from here.

  • Postcode checker

    Find out which local authority would be responsible for you or the person you care for's care.

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  • Care needs helper

    Looking at your needs, or the person you care for's needs, this will indicate whether you are likely to be eligible for care services from your local authority.

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  • Funding checker

    Find out if you are likely to be eligible for free care services or whether you may have to make a contribution.

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Each element stands alone, but together help you see the full picture in terms of your care needs and potential funding. The Care Needs Helper will take 10 minutes or so to complete; the Funding Checker just a minute or two. 

To get the results from the Care Needs Helper or the Funding Checker you will need to register with the site. Registration is free of charge and will give you access to lots more information and resources. We will not sell your information onto anyone else and we won't send you loads of emails! For more information on the benefits of registration click here.

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