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Things to consider

As you start thinking about care and support, whether for an immediate need, or because you are planning for the future, then there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration. On other pages we take a look at your actual care and support options and how to asses your needs, but in this section we go through other important things that you need to think about. 

For example, you might need to move into a care home and wonder what happens to your home. Your family will need to be aware of your wishes, whether you are planning on selling property to help fund your care bills, or whether you want to keep the home as an asset to pass on and you are considering renting it out so that it is not left empty. You can find out more about managing property here

Other things that you will need to consider include lasting power of attorney, so that you can legally appoint people to make decisions on your behalf with regards to your health and welfare, and/or your property and financial affairs. This government website page has more information on lasting power of attorney. 

You will also need to think about having a will in place, with details of how you want your estate managed. It is useful to seek financial advice early on as well, as someone with specialist knowledge in later-life matters can help you to make the most of your funds and come up with a plan for the future. 

There are practical measures that you need to take as well, such as making sure that your personal and medical information is close to hand in an emergency. There are plenty of different kinds of Medical ID products available, which range from cards to keep in your wallet, to wearable peieces of jewellery.

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