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Tools for getting care and support

When you're looking for care and support there are a number of things that you can do to make getting the help you need a bit easier. This section of the YtB website will be growing over the next few weeks and months, so do check back to see what's new.

Understanding Need

Having a clear understanding of what you need help with is a great start - You're the Boss has developed a care needs helper which will take you through the different elements that you may want to consider. Going through the Care Needs helper online will take about 10 minutes and at the end you'll get a report which tells you what level of need we think you fit into in terms of getting Council support.

For many people the simple act of thinking about their Care Needs is a useful exercise, regardless of whether they are hoping to get the Local Authority to help out with the cost. So as well as the online Care Needs helper, You're the Boss has created a paper version of the care needs helper which you can print off and complete in your own time. This gives you a chance to discuss elements members of your family and friends, and give some further detail so that you can start to formulate a plan.

Understanding Risk

Taking risks is a part of everyday life, through taking risks we learn - if we never took a risk we'd never have taken our first steps as a baby, but there are times when it's useful to have a quick look at the risks in a little more detail. The term 'Risk Assessment' sounds incredibly formal but basically it's simply looking at

  • What are the benefits of doing something?
  • What could go wrong?
  • How likely is it that something will go wrong?
  • What would be the impact if something did go wrong?
  • Are the risk acceptable or can they be reduced?

You can carry out your own risk assessment by looking at the needs document that you've created (either through the online care needs helper, or the paper copy, and listing out anything that could go wrong. You can then build into your plan ways of reducing risks where you can.

Make a Plan

Once you have identified all the needs and risks that you may have, it's time to start working out what you can do to meet these needs. You're the Boss has lots of ideas and tips on how you could meet these needs in different ways. Part of that plan may be approaching the relevant local council to see whether they can help you both financially and with further local information - try our postcode checker to see which Local Council is responsible for care in your area. Part of the plan could simply be working out how best your friends and family can help you in the future. Once you've identified all your needs its far easier to see exactly what needs doing...

When you start making your plan, it may be useful to consider the elements that You're the Boss has put together here. You'll need to register to see this, and lots of other information, but registration is free and all you need to give us is your email address and name. We won't send you spam - just information that we think is relevant to you and you can opt out at of receiving further emails at any point.

Register for free Register today to access the tools and resources you need to make care and support simple...

Over the coming few weeks we'll also be putting up on the site an example care plan and a template that you can use to make your own plan.

Deciding which method to get care and/or support

You may wish to employ someone yourself, or contract with them rather than employing them, alternatively you may want to leave it to a provider to deal with or move to more residential care - or you may want to have a combination of different approaches. Try looking at our information on care and support choices to help you work out what's best for you.

Employing or Contracting Directly

Check out our information on what you need to know to employ your own staff or contract with people to provide services. As will as top tips for recruiting and what you need to know to be a good employer.

Coming soon (ish!)

We're looking at ways to take You're the Boss forward, and we aim to provide all the tools and resources that you need to make getting and managing your care and support simple and making sure that ....

You're the Boss!

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