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Medical aids

Medical Aids Furniture Aids

You're the Boss is a reseller of these items, which will be bought from and dispatched by the linked-to websites. If you have any problems with your order, please contact the relevant seller directly.

First aid kits

stethascope image Various first aid kits, from little travel ones to full kits for offices.   find now via amazon

Hard of hearing aids 

stethascope image From hearing aids and telephones that are amplified, to gadgets to amplify the sound of the telephone or doorbell.   find now via amazon

Low vision aids 

stethascope image Magnifiers, liquid indicator and low vision clocks to help you see as much as possible. find now via amazon

Medication dispenser

stethascope image Pill organisers to help you keep track of your medication. From a simple box to an electronic dispenser that only lets you access pills at the correct times  find now via amazon

Memory aids 

stethascope image Aids that can help prompt or reassure a person at pre-programmed times. This can prompt them to carry out a task such as eat, drink or take medication.   find now via amazon

Physio equipment 

stethascope image Various physio items that may help keep you moving and staying independent for longer.   find now via amazon

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